Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Performance re filming

Today i took home a camera and tripod and set up a black backdrop, i re done my makeup, hair and picked a new outfit and begun to film my new performance scene. i filmed this at home and at forst trying to find a area to film was hard as i didn't bring no extra lighting home or had a area possible to film where there was good lighting. I have south facing windows and a extended wall in my kitchen so i set up the backdrop facing the windows and began to film. the footage came out amazing and really gives my video a clean crisp classy look.

The background used was a black sheet pinned up facing the windows, it was quick easy thinking as i didn't want to loose this natural lighting as the sun goes down early due to the time of year, For my make up i done simple base foundation and filled my eyebrows in and applied lashes, i wanted my face to be made up but nothing compared to last time. i need my appearance to be fresh and classy as that is the style i want to use through out.

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