Friday, 24 February 2017

New footage for after the bridge of the song

Following the style of successful music videos in my re search i see that after the bridge of songs they use footage that hasn't been used previously, so with my new footage i filmed yesterday i added it in after the bridge. They do this so the audience stays interested so they don't keep seeing the same clips over and over again. 

I filmed on a white background to show differiaction between the performance on the black back drop, however i used different shop types i filmed long and mid shots of myself singing and acting. 
I wore a beige jumper with black trousers with a classic everyday makeup look and had my hair curly. the beige jumper connects with the beige jacket worn in the park and black trousers gives it that sophisticated look. I also had my hair curly as i have used every other hair style in previous footage. 

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