Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Question 1

In what ways doe your media product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Being able to create this music video i had to do a lot of research, looking into previous successful music videos from well known artists to students. i gathered a wide range of knowledge from this research, it all contributed to my finished product - Love in the dark by Adele.

I looked into various related artists that shared the same genre as me, artists like Christian Aguilera , Leonie Lewis and Alicia Keys. In previous blog posts you can see that i researched into these artist and created a portfolio about their personalities and style of music, plus the typical conventions of their own style of music videos. I found that their music videos include a narrative along with two different scenes of performance and some setting shots, so i based my music video around them ideas and created my music video. As i recored the stages of creating my music on my blog you can see that i have had many version of my music video including different types of settings, from dancing footage to a variety of performance shots. With the use of my cinematography and editing my music video follows in the style of a real music video, the 3rd or 4th shot into my final version is a tracking / tilt shot of me walking up the stairs, i personally think this is a great clear clean shot and shots like this are throughout my video, By having clips like this helps my music video look like a real produced one. 

Attention to detail is crucial when creating your own music video costumes, props, makeup and setting and all aspects to mise-en-scene plays a vital part in the production stage, if you don't follow the codes and conventions its won't be successful. I challenged the usual conventions by using a mixture of slow and fast cuts of footage as this song needs to have a variety of scenes throughout. You can easily identify my genre and that was my aim of this project.


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