Tuesday, 11 October 2016

setting for filming

The choice of setting was my idea I had thought of my dance studios, the drama room and the fitness room, the reasons as to why I thought of these places was…
  • My dance studios- it’s a dance studio therefore connects with the idea of our music video, it’s a beautiful studio and will make the video that much better by me being in a real studio. However the problem was that 1 it’s in Dartford therefore time is an issue as we would have to get there during the day when were meant to be in school 2 the availability was very limited, it didn’t fit in with our timetable so we had to eliminate this option. 
  • Drama room – this is on the school premises therefore were able to get there and use it whenever without travelling, it has lighting board and is available whenever we wanted if we booked it out.
  • Fitness room – I thought of this place as it’s also within school so it’s easy to get to when we have media and need to film, it has a mirrored wall and I loved this as an idea to have me dance with the mirrored image of myself, I thought it would be a really camera shot. Only issue was that the room was a greeny blue colour and it wouldn’t of looked right filming with that in the background, even though we thought of ways around it we knew it wouldn’t work.

We decided with the drama room as its available, has adjustable lights, it’s a big space, looks good on camera and will make the music video look somewhat real.

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